I have had a long career promoting personal growth and healing. Now my own personal journey takes me from this satisfying, valuable work to more personal pursuits and time with friends and family. I remain available for consultations and to the men’s groups I am still working with. As I come to a close on my work as a therapist, I am grateful to all who have supported me and participated in this journey with me.

Interviews with Tom McGee

Healing the Boy, Strengthening the Man

Inside of every man lives a boy – a version of the man who is defined by adventure, curiosity, and possibility. This boy can also reflect our wounded self, the parts of us that bear shame and hold the stories we created as children from the experiences we endured. Tom McGee, our first Fathers’ Month special guest, brings decades of experience from men’s circles, psychotherapy, and ceremony to help us understand how to heal our inner boy so that we can strengthen ourselves as men.

Everyday Heroes with Laraine Salazar

Laraine Salazar brings listeners into the lives of everyday people making a positive difference and impact in the world based on the work they do, the lives they lead, and the impressions they make. Laraine shines a light into the lives of those who don’t ordinarily get the spotlight, and discovers why these people are in fact Everyday Heroes. Here is their story.

In this podcast she interviews Tom McGee.