About Me

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Tom McGee

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My purpose is to promote personal growth and healing. I believe each person carries the wisdom that will promote their development into the human being they were meant to be. In order to draw out this wisdom and promote healing and growth, I employ the strategies outlined in the services section of the site.

I bring over forty years of experience to the process of psychotherapy. Therefore, there are many techniques and approaches I have absorbed along the way. My initial training included both psychoanalytic and behavioral approaches. As I moved on in my work, I incorporated family therapy, sex therapy, humanistic-existential therapy, neo-analytic work, Jungian approaches, dream work, and ecopsychology. I have used relaxation and guided imagery, meditation, nature practices, and EMDR to enhance the therapeutic process.

I have worked with men in groups and individually to help them with their particular concerns and offer them a male perspective. I have facilitated men’s growth through workshops, retreats, and groups since 1993. Here is a link to a podcast in which I discuss some of my work.

I am a trained spiritual director and have offered spiritual direction since 1999.

I regularly offer groups, retreats, and workshops. Subjects include men’s work, reconnecting with nature, emotional depth work, and continuing education for mental health professionals. Current offerings can be found in the Calendar section of this website.


I offer nature activities that enhance the therapeutic process. My interest in nature was born in the north woods of Minnesota when I was four years old. It has continued to grow since then and is blossoming into work as a wilderness guide and leader of nature-centered retreats and workshops. In groups, retreats, and individually, I offer activities in nature that bring healing, restoration, improved self-esteem, and heightened spirituality. My experience and training include abilities to help others enter more deeply into their experience of nature, regardless of their current relationship to nature.

Professional Background

I graduated from the Master’s in Social Welfare program at U.C.L.A. in 1977. The Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.) is one of the four licenses in California that allows one to offer psychotherapy. I received my clinical license in 1980. I worked with public and private mental health agencies for 18 years. I began my private practice in psychotherapy in 1991.

I was trained as a spiritual director through Centerpoint, a training program created by Stillpoint, an inclusive Christian spiritual direction program with a contemplative orientation which incorporates wisdom from all the world’s religious traditions.