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  • Venue: Camp Whittier

A Men’s Retreat with Tom McGee and Richard Palmer

What drives us into relationships? What keeps us in them? Infatuation is a word that encompasses feelings of love, lust, and loneliness that combine to attract us to an other. This early state in the course of a relationship comes from our desires to be connected to a lover, to express ourselves sexually, and to exchange loving feelings. Infatuation is a consuming state of emotional intensity that brings us into relationship but usually dwindles after a short time. The relationship may or may not last beyond this stage. If the relationship is to last, it must address feelings of loneliness, sexual longing, and the need for love. When the obsession with being in love withers, the relationship calls for a deeper more fulfilling love, fostered by the practice of loving.

Eros is a mythological figure, a Greek god of love, lust, sex, eroticism, and sexual desires. We think of Eros as a large energy, encompassing not only sexual energy but also the energy of romance, love, and the beauty of nature. Eros has a dark side, involving jealousy, rage, and violence. It can be stormy. It can objectify.

To us, courting Eros means directing our attention to the erotic in a larger sense. It means finding beauty, creativity, and loving energy in our midst. Eros celebrates life and it also shakes us and shears us down to our core.

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