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  • Venue: Camp Whittier

This retreat will dwell in the sacred energy of Eros, an energy that is filled with beauty, imagination, and emotion. We intend to explore what brings us into relationships, what keeps us in them, and what happens when relationships fall apart and end. We are excited to embark on this exploration and hope that the men who join us will share their experience of the mystery of longing for and being involved with a loved one.

We are offering the opportunity to help a worthy man who needs financial aid to attend this men’s retreat. Do you have a friend, husband, lover, brother, father, or son who might benefit from this retreat?

Would you like to support this work so a man you don’t know could benefit from it?

The cost of the retreat is $575. You may contribute as little as $5 or as much as you want.

If you would like to contribute to our Scholarship Fund today to assist those men who would like to attend but can’t afford the full fee, you may do so here:

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