Event Details

This retreat will be held in a beautiful mountain setting near Frazier Park, just two hours from Ventura and about an hour from North Los Angeles. We will be in a large, comfy house with plenty of sleeping space, a deck, a patio, a hot tub, a fireplace, large living room, and views of the mountains. Food will be lovingly prepared for us. It will be a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere in which to do this work. At this time, we are inviting men who have been on previous retreats with us or have done similar work. This means you will be with brothers who have a similar orientation to the work. The retreat will be limited to 10 participants so that each man gets the attention he needs to do this work.

During this weekend, we will explore, through visualization and deep imagining, the experience of our wounds and the gifts of the medicine we carry as men. No one will be pushed to go where they do not want to go but each will be gently encouraged to explore this realm.


Because of the small size of the group, we are not offering scholarships or discounts for this retreat.

This retreat is intended for men who have already attended a “Healing the Boy, Strengthening the Man” or “Voyage into Masculine Soul” weekend retreat. If you have not attended one of these retreats but are interested in joining us, please contact Tom McGee or Richard Palmer, using the contact information at the bottom of the column to the left.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we men all carry boyhood wounds. Some are obvious wounds, such as severe abuse or neglect, the loss of a cherished elder, living with an addicted parent, or going through severe physical trauma. Other wounds are more subtle. These include carrying a “burden” or an identity ascribed by the family that doesn’t honor the gifts one brings into the world.

Whatever our wounds are, they provide the crucible for the development of our medicine, what we were born into the world to give to the community. Our medicine, or gifts, come directly out of our wounds.

Wounds and medicine go hand in hand. We see that the community as a whole benefits when a man is able to step into his wounding and emerge with medicine for his people. Our wounds make us exquisitely sensitive to something—and that something is our spirit medicine, our gift.

Please join us as we do this intensive work, stepping into the realm of the wounded boy in order to emerge in the realm of the man who possesses powerful medicine for himself and his people.